Read about three categories of art and their significance today

This short article will consider three art movements from the latest many hundred years that artists currently can apply and reinvent through their own works, with the brand-new technical means we have nowadays.

If you are somebody who is interested in making your own pieces of art, or even simply admire the works of a gallery every once in a while, it is almost essential to be well aware of the various types of art you can come across. A lot of currents of art have actually been inspired by historical events and the state of mankind at the time, showing how interdisciplinary art can be. For this reason, looking into the lessons taught at Frank Zweegers Art, one can see both the modern use of photographic approaches and the reflection upon periods such as Impressionism. In terms of art movements in 19th century, the latter initiated to work on instant impressions of a subject instead of working in a studio from a reference picture, and the artists draws the correlation between this sort of setup and the mindset most photographers would have actually when making their own art.

Focusing on any art movements list, particularly if you are wishing to start learning much more about art history, one that you certainly need to take into account is Surrealism. Being the basis of a great deal of conceptual art even today, the disengagement from reality is surely something worth comprehending, as it is suitable to a lot of various means and forms of art. For example, focusing on Ashleigh Berryman’s works as a source of inspiration, one can view how the technological means we actually have these days can create similar outcomes to the vision of the most prominent Russian surrealist painters, with components of the unreal being integrated in photographs that portray the world around us. This goes to show how previous art movements are not at all outdated, and can still be established and evolve through the technology we have actually access to these days.

The relationship between human feelings and their representation is something that is commonly explored in the different art movements of the last century, and even currently, it is distinctly taken into account in the characteristics of modern art. Humans who work with visual art right now frequently have to be aware of movements such as Expressionism: a place where you can discover this is Marcin Retecki’s photography, who has talked about the relation between said period and his own modern interpretation of it extensively. The various abstract expressionism styles are definitely driving the evolution of art currently, and not just in two-dimensional picture formats, but in a lot of sculpture and futuristic installations as well. As abstract art can commonly be tricky to interpret at a very first glance, knowing more about the origins of this mindset can help you realise brand-new things the next time you go to an art gallery, and perhaps even implement them in your own creations.

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